On this page there are some reviews and photos sent by my customers and collectors.

Alessandro Siviglia's paintings can transform the spaces of your home, illuminate the walls, give a sense of originality to your furniture. It can also help in the expansion of small rooms or in raising low ceilings.

Choosing original paintings as wall decoration helps to add color, style and interest in the room.

Purchased artwork with us? Send us a photo of you living with your original Siviglia's painting.

Customer Testimonials

Here's what my customers said...

Cédric - Switzerland

"Lovely artwork as pictured and very quick shipping! No damage and packaged carefully and well. Already received numerous compliments from friends and family regarding the work of Alessandro."

Antonio - Italy

"Contemporary artist with a strong artistic talent. Works with bright and vibrant colors that give energy, carefree and strength. He made our customized paintings satisfying all our needs!"

Kris - USA

"An artist has not excited me to paint all my walls around a painting until I found Alessandro Siviglia. He was very quick in getting it to me and packed safe. I can not wait to paint my next room so I can purchase more of this great man’s paintings."

Johanna - Chicago

"The artist Alessandro Siviglia. The beautiful Picasso"

Amanda - USA

"Found an amazing artist on Etsy that paints amazing canvases. Check him out on etsy! Paintingsiviglia. He's in Rome, Italy and his prices are amazing. He also has a Facebook account and will ship to US."

Amy - Los Angeles

"Amazing! I was a little nervous about purchasing art without seeing it in person, but I am so glad that I took a chance. Great quality from a talented artis. Love it!!!"

Michael - Berlin

"Sehr dekorativ, hat mein Wozi zu einem echten Hit gemacht. Alessandro ist sehr verläßlich und freundlich, Kauf und Versand lief alles super. Die Preise sind der Hammer, keine Ahnung wielang sie noch zu diesen Preisen erhältlich sind. Meiner Meinung nach haben sie einen sehr viel höheren Wert. Ich hab da echt eine super Investition gemacht!"

Emanuela - Italy

"Alessandro represented my family in an absolutely fantastic way.. with this painting he transformed my bedroom into a cheerful, colorful and warm place.. Really good!!"

Alvin - UK

"Thanks Alessandro, your painting is amazing!"